Discover a New Level of Security Training Period!

Welcome to HackRange! Our cybersecurity mentorship program is tailored specifically for driven individuals in South West Florida with a basic understanding of computers, looking to make their mark in the cybersecurity field.

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05 H      

Weekly commitment required


Students per class

6 Month


Unleash Your Potential with a  HackRange Mentorship!

We're a dedicated community of cybersecurity industry professionals volunteering to guide the next generation in this dynamic field. Our training is self-paced, structured in manageable weekly segments to fit your schedule.

Dedicated Lab Environment




Weekly Class Training


Tailored Environmnet for Today's cyberSecurity!


You are given tools to collaborate with others within your class.

Your own Pace

You are able to access resources 24/7 all at your own pace.

Dedicated Lab

You will have access to your own dedicated lab containing Windows and Linux hosts. 

Weekly Video Class

Your pod will meet weekly online via a live zoom meeting with your instructor and class mates.  Camera is required! 

group class

You will have access to a Learning Management system to review course material and content such as videos and text. 


You can setup an hour one-on-one with your instructor to get back on track or assist in personal mentorship topics.

frequently asked questions

This is a free program to dedicated individuals. Individuals tuition is paid by area companies.

Yes, students are unenrolled if they miss class without a valid excuse or fail to put in the required effort! We will also kick you out if you use our platform to illegal hacking activities.

This is a 6-month long journey. Each student will need to dedicate 3 - 5 hours a week to accomplish skills needed.

No, the server environment is part of the program. All you need is a regular computer with a modern browser and Internet access.

This is primarily an invitation only program, but you can DM us on LinkedIn for consideration.